No One Left Behind at Upstate Warrior Solution

Dedicated to helping the Upstate of South Carolina’s returning military personnel and their families, Paul Howell and his work through Upstate Warrior Solution is making a difference on so many levels. After reading my fete Greenville November 2014 article, I hope you will make a pledge to get involved. If not in this endeavor, then something else-anything else that may touch your heart. In today’s chaotic world we all should take that extra step and offer assistance to those in need.

upstate warrior solution

While writing for fete Greenville, I was given the opportunity to feature two local non-profit organizations dedicated to the Upstate’s military veterans in back to back issues. My November 2014 article was devoted to Upstate Warrior Solution and the December 2014 piece was on Honor Flight Upstate South Carolina. Interviewing Paul Howell and compiling the research for both these articles touched my heart.

There is contact information for Upstate Warrior Solution and Honor Flight Upstate South Carolina at the end of each respective article and I sincerely hope you’ll be inspired to get involved.


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